Prepare yourself for better leads, more sales and increased traffic, which would ultimately result in a rapid growth. And all this at a much lower cost per purchase! We assure you to deliver an enhanced Return on Ad (RoAS) spend by using all the Ad channels very successfully.



We are a pioneering agency providing pay per click services in Mumbai. Whether it is via Google Ad Words, Facebook or Bing ads, our aim is to understand your vision and provide you with a clear solution. We recognize the uniqueness of all the companies. No two companies have the same goals, and the way they perceive the workings of PPC management agency and SEO services also differs from company to company. Therefore, we give exceptionally personalized

PPC services in Mumbai and other regions. Our success is defined by the progress in your business. Your growth is our only goal, as we allow you to access the most relevant information and not just the data about the counting of clicks. Don’t just go by our words on this one, instead check yourself and scroll down to read the testimonials of our customers — these are the results that we stand by, that make us who we truly are — a truly reliable PPC agency in Mumbai.

Our PPC Services in Mumbai


Since we are Premier Partners with Google, we deliver a variety of Google Ads Tools and skills, which are usually unavailable. We are the best Google Adwords agency in Mumbai to provide you that.


As an efficient agency, we utilize Bing as a significant medium to reach our customers instead of solely depending on AdWords. That is why our PPC Company in Mumbai is known throughout.


Maximum efficiency for shopping feeds and also enhances your return from Google shopping. Our PPC experts in Mumbai take care of that.


With our PPC campaign on Facebook, we generate brand awareness, endorse content and also produce inquiries. Our PPC management company in Mumbai looks after each and every step.


By our refined process of remarketing, we tend to attract more customers and hold on to them as well. That is one reason you should look for our PPC expert in Mumbai.


Through advertising your products on Amazon, you can have access to a wider audience.


Similar to our organic SEO service, we create your Paid Search Campaign by choosing our finest practice technique. Although at Superb Digital, you may find several choices for Paid Search, however, we particularly opt for Google’s Paid Search Platforms by keeping in mind your possible business returns. Only a limited google AdWords agency in Mumbai Digital marketing agency provides you that and we are one of them.

  • Guidance or Consultation: Our first step is to get a better understanding of the workings of your business, and your requirements for opting for a Paid Search method. We need to become aware of your clients’ needs and their expectations from you.
  • Keyword Research: The initial consultation leads us to our keyword research. This can help us to arrive at the cost of the campaign, which would help you to bring out the results that you seek for, at a price that you find affordable. A huge step in selecting the best PPC packages in Mumbai for you.
  • Competitor Analysis: We examine the companies bidding on the similar keywords that you are focusing on, and in this process, we find further keywords which can be put in use. By studying their drawbacks and strengths, we accumulate this knowledge to feed it into the following phase. Our PPC Company in Mumbai has the best option for that.
  • Website Audit: Our duty is to make sure that your website is suitable for a Paid Search Campaign. We work to increase your sales and inquiries, and for that to happen, your site must have all the appropriate information that a visitor is seeking. You can rely on our PPC Company in Mumbai for that because we are the best PPC service providers in Mumbai.
  • Landing Page Creation: Our PPC agency in Mumbai can produce landing pages which would direct the paid traffic towards your website. These landing pages are specially created to suit the need of the visitors and provide them everything in the form of content via photos, videos, content, and testimonials. This technique is used to turn visitors into customers.
  • Campaign Setup: Our PPC agency in Mumbai also creates campaigns on the most suitable platforms to meet your needs. This includes creations of Ad Copy in several variations to try diverse range of messaging to perfect the one which suits best. While using the Google Display Network, we will use all the graphics that are called for and use different target methods to make sure that we are getting the intended audience.
  • Ongoing Campaign Optimisation: We take multiple measures in order to continually optimize your campaign. Along with the conversion data, we also examine the impression, click and ad position data. All of this combined together, we are able to perform better at the campaign, which contributes to the purchase and more inquiries.
  • Reporting: We will keep you updated throughout the campaign, providing you with details through regular monthly report including expenditure, interactions etc. Many large and small ventures rely on us for their growth. The simple fact is that we are the apex PPC service providers in Mumbai.


  • Turn traffic to your site directly.
  • Begin producing revenue right away.
  • We strive to work on practical search terms.
  • Control your expenditure accordingly.
  • Gradually improve the efficacy of your campaign.

PPC (Pay Per Click) FAQ

What is PPC or Paid Search?

PPC, which is short for Pay-Per-Click, is paid search; these are mostly the first results you see on the search pages which carry an Ad sign. There are several such platforms presented on Google, which are controlled by their AdWords interface. These comprise of Display Network, Search Network, and Google Shopping. Each of these platforms consists of different targeting approaches, depending on the keywords, subjects or affinity. This process suits your business due to reasons manifold. We need to address questions like — do you run your business via e-commerce sites? Are you ready to expand the awareness of your brand, or do you only want to generate more and more inquiries? It’s time to switch to our Google AdWords company in Mumbai. We also have PPC Company in Gurgaon and PPC Company in Noida.

How does Paid Search contribute to my organic results?

It does not. While some companies might have suggested so, we do not support this argument. It has been declared by Google itself and also we find this in recent research that Paid Search does not play any factor in organic results. Contact our PPC Company in Mumbai in no more. PPC Company in Chandigarh.

What is the cost of PPC services?

The cost that you need to pay for your paid search varies; it depends on the CPC, that is the Cost-Per-Click of the keywords you have chosen. The value of click and sale are directly related; higher value of click would lead to higher value of the latter. If the budget for a month is ₹300, then the budget for a day is ₹10. 50p CPC results in 20 clicks for a day. Similarly, you will get 2 clicks per day if the CPC is 5p. We can always advise you for an appropriate budget and an accurate budget is very crucial for the progress of the campaign. Google Adwords gives your access to create your own daily budget which leaves you in total control of your expenditure. But our PPC management company in Mumbai looks after this and provides you the full analysis. So you don’t need to worry about that.

About the Google Display Network ?

Google Display Network comprises of the third party sites that have been approved by Google to become a part of the Ad Network. These websites can reflect the images ads and text which have been designed for the Network by the AdWords. You can aim your ads to reflect on websites according to their topics, or on content depending on keywords. You can also aim to display the ads to the users based on their search history which included your product or their geographical proximity. The last step in Display Network is about Remarketing. Our PPC Company in Mumbai takes a close call on this step because there are countless users who leave the website without performing the desired action which you expect from your users. Remarketing is about bringing them back to your websites by displaying them general or very particular advertisement based on their previous search.

What is Google Shopping ?

When you Google for a product, for, e.g. “new trainers”, on the top of the results, you see Google Shopping Ad Carousel. By clicking on the “shopping” tab, you can have more results. Our PPC services Mumbai includes managing after it too. It does not rely on the keywords, the product data that you supply Google via spreadsheet controls this platform. You can set a cost that you pay for the clicks your product advertisement gets.

What is Remarketing ?

It often happens with all of us, that once we visit a website, then later its advertisements follow us on different websites, this is known as Remarketing. While there are various ways of remarketing, most common is embedding a cookie in the computer systems of the website visitors. Visitors, who turn into customers by purchasing or enquiring or perform any other action, get one more cookie. Those with visitor cookies, not the action cookies, receive advertisements which are operated by Display Network and encourage the visitors to head back to your website to make the purchase. One good way to attract visitors is when they are using social media, where Facebook proves very helpful.